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  • Zlatan himself disabled the right ear audio

    Resting SoulResting Soul3 timer siden
  • Dayum zlatan destroyed that poor guy. Dont try to outwit zlatan he will make u new asshole

    nugettenugette4 timer siden
  • The Manc accent makes me sick 🤮

    George YNWAGeorge YNWA4 timer siden
  • 50mil down the drain martial flops again.

    George YNWAGeorge YNWA4 timer siden
  • Man, those days

    TurjoTurjo7 timer siden
  • Nigel should be managing real or barca

    Mr. തക്കുടുMr. തക്കുടു8 timer siden
  • Guter Mann.

    Tauriel Daughter of MirkwoodTauriel Daughter of Mirkwood9 timer siden
  • Tak Paham!

    Ahmad RizaudenAhmad Rizauden13 timer siden
  • Keske biri turkce altyazi yapsa

    metemete15 timer siden
  • The worst commentary ever

    Play With SamPlay With Sam17 timer siden
  • Really hard to choose

    Periklis GiannopoulosPeriklis Giannopoulos18 timer siden
  • The spanish one dosnt look that bad

    DamidongDamidong18 timer siden
  • Legend

    FilosofênciaFilosofência18 timer siden
  • "we are in Germany I'll speak German". Fair enough. Let's see what happens when Liverpool play in Spain, France or Greece.

    Liam IsaacsLiam Isaacs19 timer siden
  • Patrick shick: Incredible goal just like mine in euro 2021 😎

    nanova77 nanova77nanova77 nanova77Dag siden
  • I still not understand, can someone summarize? Are he going to leave the club or not?

    Billie Eilish loverBillie Eilish loverDag siden
  • The rest is history Barca score 7 goals and Messi sets a ucl record

    Nathan RaphyNathan RaphyDag siden
  • 3 ballon dors later...

    Nathan RaphyNathan RaphyDag siden
  • Oh my god coming back to this again after seeing Blue Lock doing a reference to it. Insane

    Benja6089Benja6089Dag siden
  • Love the animation😘

    Stjnv HoiStjnv HoiDag siden
  • love yellow jersey

    KaroKaroDag siden
  • 🥳⚽️💫

    KaroKaroDag siden
  • Chuck Norris has posters of Zlatan on his wall.

    Luke Taylor MusicLuke Taylor MusicDag siden
  • Track list for this vid?

    MouthpieceMouthpieceDag siden
  • Island girls 😍😍😍

    Paul CollinsPaul CollinsDag siden
  • When Zlatan goes to the zoo the lions come to see him

    PratK86PratK86Dag siden
  • When zlatan drink alcohol, the alcohol get drunk

    NecbY FootballNecbY FootballDag siden
  • where is the part hazard eating all the food in the cafeteria

    Yeon Wook JeongYeon Wook JeongDag siden
  • Ozil😌

    Bittaj 10Bittaj 10Dag siden
  • I still come back to this absolute beauty of a clip. Arnautovic deserved it 100%

    SamueelSamueel2 dager siden

    Arthur Dutra de Melo SerafimArthur Dutra de Melo Serafim2 dager siden
  • Before matchday 3 I thought russia already qualified for quarter and they are eliminated with good goal difference how

    aviral negiaviral negi2 dager siden
  • Once Legend 7

    SKT GAMERSKT GAMER2 dager siden
  • unsubscribing 👎

    Nikhil JhaNikhil Jha2 dager siden
  • This man should not teach football to future generation. Guy is cheat

    Don BlonDon Blon2 dager siden
  • Lol it has rooster on it cuz it's a national emblem

    Tom HoffmannTom Hoffmann2 dager siden
  • I would say yes, it's the worst kit. Because from a team that's called "Les Blues" it doesn't look blue anymore. And how Nike makes France wear all blue and red socks and not the traditional blue shirt, white shorts, and red socks is really irritating.

    Renato Digay Jr.Renato Digay Jr.2 dager siden
  • These accents tho

    The FlyingDutchManThe FlyingDutchMan2 dager siden
  • soelay

    soelay plplsoelay plpl2 dager siden
  • Portugal!

    Madalena TavaresMadalena Tavares2 dager siden
  • When Zlatan doesn't do homework the teacher gets punished

    Eby SEby S2 dager siden
  • When Zlatan gets arrested the police handcuff themselves

    Eby SEby S2 dager siden
  • When Zlatan eats food the food gets nourishment

    Eby SEby S2 dager siden
  • So based on the kits Germany are going to beat France in the group stage quite handily. 😁

    Michael HumphreyMichael Humphrey2 dager siden
  • 1st

    MaxLeF2707MaxLeF27072 dager siden
  • l

    Percy VFXPercy VFX2 dager siden
  • Yes

    Clutch LogicClutch Logic2 dager siden
  • Pes is slowly making a comeback rn even Madrid might sign with them (just rumours I heard)

    Skully FadeSkully Fade3 dager siden
  • How dare he not obey the master ! What's next not drinking Coca - Cola ?

    Jay LopesJay Lopes3 dager siden
  • Remind me, did those on trial at Nuremberg answer in English?

    Carlos HernandezCarlos Hernandez3 dager siden
  • isco 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mohammed RidaMohammed Rida3 dager siden
  • I play better with cancelo CB and walker on the right

    Bruno SousaBruno Sousa3 dager siden
  • Thoughty2 made me fins this

    juliadackojuliadacko3 dager siden
  • Then Zlatan created the heavens and the earth…

    David StepakoffDavid Stepakoff3 dager siden
  • sumpah kalo ronaldo ketawa bikin ngakak :v

    paramananda rendi arya perdanaparamananda rendi arya perdana3 dager siden
  • Gate for train is closed when zlatan is going.

    sanjeev goyalsanjeev goyal3 dager siden
  • VAR is meant for this man

    anggie kristiawananggie kristiawan3 dager siden
  • Wow Kalle actually has such a sexy English accent !

    Susan ChangSusan Chang3 dager siden
  • LORD

    Ahmadz masrumAhmadz masrum3 dager siden
  • Oh bloody heck she’s a Tory. Someone needs to tape her mouth please. Some of the comments she’s made are truly baffling.

    s€€vil85s€€vil853 dager siden
  • Some Nationalteams become Worldchampions through her elegance and beautiful Football like France, Spain or Brazil. Some become Worldchampions through her dicipline and teamspirit like Germany. And some through dirty tricks like Italy :)

    DaroriDerEinzigeDaroriDerEinzige3 dager siden
  • Marina, do your magic!

    Lord WaleaneLord Waleane3 dager siden
  • ⚽️⚽️🥳🥳🥳

    KaroKaro3 dager siden
  • ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    KaroKaro3 dager siden
  • We are France we speak French. Thank you chabal !

    Evan LAURENTEvan LAURENT3 dager siden
  • Slovakia Jersey really is one of the best imo

    Nick S.Nick S.3 dager siden
  • when zlatan do push ups. Zlatan doest push himself. he prefers push the earth

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • when zlatan was a kid, Zlatan was giving pocket money to his dad

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • when zlatan swims, zlatan doesnt get wet. Sea gets zlatanned

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • zlatan and isaac newton was on a boat. Newton touched to water, he said "the water is 21 degree" . zlatan didnt move his arms or legs and zlatan said "the depth of the lake is 351 meters".

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • zlatan and isaac newton was on a boat. Newton touched to water, he said "the water is 21 degree" . zlatan didnt move his arms or legs and zlatan said "the depth of the lake is 351 meters".

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • Zlatan doesnt make snowman; when snow sees Zlatan, snow becomes man

    an unnamed guyan unnamed guy3 dager siden
  • Remember when this channel used to be good? Yeah me neither.

    Bravo MxBravo Mx3 dager siden
  • These “football” fans have no knowledge of football or kits for that matter.

    Ahmad EmilAhmad Emil3 dager siden
  • When zlatan goes to IKEA, IKEA buys from him.

    Sharan SavakarSharan Savakar3 dager siden
  • Here now that Euro 2020 started

    Sleekz OfficialSleekz Official3 dager siden
  • Cringe

    Danial AoiDanial Aoi3 dager siden
  • My dog has more ball knowledge then these fools

    Shayan shafi khanShayan shafi khan3 dager siden
  • first 😳

    Aiman Tengah Pushrank.Aiman Tengah Pushrank.3 dager siden
  • one(sou brasileiro)

    imperio austro hungaro BALLimperio austro hungaro BALL3 dager siden