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One sport, One destination, One obsession.




    sebastián Molinasebastián Molina11 timer siden
  • Typical from Juventus. It’s the history of Juventus

    Jovid BodurkhonovJovid Bodurkhonov11 timer siden
  • Pele was a traditional centre forward and out and out goal scorer; he was not a natural 10 "enganche" or "trequartista" - that was Maradona.

    Aqeel YousufAqeel Yousuf14 timer siden
  • As an Indian I goes through it many times.... mostly Indian speaks many languages including local dialect... And sometimes when we speaking we speak with words combination of mixed language and the other person somehow is able to understand

    sparkling jssparkling js15 timer siden
  • LOL! Been there! I couldn't understand why people are staring at me and than my head of department said to me that I spoke "wrong" (third) language instead of two languages that this meeting was supposed to be going :DDD

    owtenaowtena16 timer siden
  • Stolen

    iicwutecwatiicwutecwat17 timer siden
  • Zlatan's tears could cure every illness. Too bad he never cries.

    Johnny KJohnny K18 timer siden
  • Legende!

    Djole SDjole S19 timer siden
  • I wish I could accidentally break into speaking Spanish. Then all my time in those classes wouldn’t seem like a waste

    Dolphinman300Dolphinman30020 timer siden
  • Never forget about 2009 we still wait for revenge in you don't sleep ever a sweet night

    Abiel AfewerkiAbiel Afewerki22 timer siden
  • Would be hilarious if, in season 2, he said "I prefer not to speak" during a press conference.

    Jake WongJake WongDag siden
  • That man's scream is immortalized forever.

    Joshua WilliamsJoshua WilliamsDag siden
  • Diego Armando Maradona was better than everyone else... any players..any other era.

    Joao AlbuquerqueJoao AlbuquerqueDag siden
  • Lmaooo

    k a r m ak a r m aDag siden
  • Ah, the troubles of being bilingual

    Banana ArtBanana ArtDag siden
  • Goal of the century

    Godwin EyoGodwin EyoDag siden
  • FIFA license PES gameplay

    ポルポルポルポルDag siden
  • 0:42 Messi: Aguante Argentina lpm! 🇦🇷🏆

    SonexxSonexxDag siden
  • Being able to speak multiple languages is seriously a super power. People should try learning other languages! I cant imagine how boring it must be to only know one!

    DP1996DP1996Dag siden
  • Lol just realized today that it ain't Ronaldinho. I saw it on twitter and had to confirm

    bgexample mohlalabgexample mohlalaDag siden
  • Fake humility of Pep.

    lz mzlz mzDag siden
  • The way you're pronouncing the first syllable of his last name is incorrect. British or no British.

    Erikali26Erikali26Dag siden
  • Rummenigge in pes = 🔥⚽️🥅

    -Dog--Dog-Dag siden
  • Zlatan once had a break from playing football We now know that as half time

    xxKipizupxxxxKipizupxx2 dager siden
  • I am a trilingual. You never forget what language u are supposed to speak. One just switches a word here or there sometimes. Not entire language

    Adil ShekhAdil Shekh2 dager siden
  • This comentator had no hype

    Olle BerglundOlle Berglund2 dager siden
  • Messi then : never passes the ball Messi now : 600+ assists

    9313 Mohanish9313 Mohanish2 dager siden
  • He’s adorable

    Ed SarsfieldEd Sarsfield2 dager siden
  • Germany has been humiliating Latin Americans for a long time in these world cups.

    drtash21drtash212 dager siden
  • Zlatan calls his crush and tells her she likes him

    kayankayan2 dager siden
  • Im watching this in 2021 and missing these days

    RON-ESSI 107RON-ESSI 1072 dager siden
  • Our Messi win 😇😇😇

    Elvis NaoremElvis Naorem2 dager siden
  • Bilingual facts #1

    Doja CatDoja Cat2 dager siden
  • جميل جداً

    Djaber RemiliDjaber Remili2 dager siden
  • Even some english clapped

    Milo-Milo-2 dager siden
  • Football isn't a music career

    Jakamso ohiaJakamso ohia3 dager siden
  • If Jose is known for one thing, it's defending or as Football fans call it 'parking the Bus'

    Ghost WolfGhost Wolf3 dager siden
  • Messi = Sasuke (Left) Ronaldo = Naruto (Right) Both are legends : )

    Manish SinghManish Singh3 dager siden
  • Digga... rede doch ganz kurz englisch das ist doch nichts schlimmes-.- Schwachkopf sorry

    Alaiddin Emre ÖzyurtAlaiddin Emre Özyurt3 dager siden
  • Son of a Bitch DR. Dhanish P B NIT Calicut INDIA

    Manu ManuManu Manu3 dager siden
  • When Zlatan buys groceries, the cashier pays

    PlayerAlienPlayerAlien3 dager siden
  • Tyat is absholoootley ashtonishing - goofy 2013

    myxtic-gamermyxtic-gamer3 dager siden
  • None of them said legend David beckham

    Arjun VincentArjun Vincent3 dager siden
  • The thing looks like Messi would never want to leave Barca...but he had to because ,out of care of the club's image, he calculated that Barca needs new ambitious player while he is becoming monotonous to Barca and its fans. While at the same time Barca officials would never want Messi to go leaving them...thereby themselves having a hard time masking themselves who did not care for Messi or not listening to him for real. All in all I see a love story amidst the media and people around...or rather a bromance of some kind hard kind between Messi and Barca officials. As for me I would never wish Messi leave Barca. Sometimes some people probably percieved Messi as that war daddy in the movie FURY. <this is my home> Have a great day everyone 😊

    cyccyc3 dager siden
  • Why always me? You always do.

    현승옥현승옥3 dager siden

    BBBeastBBBeast3 dager siden
  • No player has ever had such an influence in an individual game (Belgium) or tournament (1986 WC) than Maradona. I’m an England fan, so you could argue that I have as much justification to feel resentment towards him, but I have listened to him speak about the necessity for Argentinian success in the WC. It is impossible to deny the sheer brilliance of him as a player and what he delivered to his countrymen and fans of Napoli. Especially, as he could have gone to play for any team in the world. The greatest player of all time in any era of the game. The word “genius” is often over used, but in his case it is completely justified and is the only manner in which he can be accurately described.

    Kemper BoydKemper Boyd3 dager siden
  • 0:37 - 0:43

    Dilian MendozaDilian Mendoza3 dager siden
  • Legends are watching after Messi winning the Copa America

  • God i miss the old team

    peachy peachpeachy peach3 dager siden
  • Amazing assist from Joe Hart worlds beat keeper lol

    Rejanul IslamRejanul Islam3 dager siden
  • 1:52 il Brasile ha vinto 5 titoli (1958; 1962; 1970; 1994; 2002) L'Italia segue quota 4 come anche la Germania. L'Italia quindi NON è l'unica nazionale che può emulare il Brasile "Penta Campeon".

    Francesco ZizolaFrancesco Zizola4 dager siden
  • 0:37 nel 1970 c'era la Coppa Rimet intitolata a Jules Rimet, primo presidente della F.I.F.A. che sarebbe stata assegnata DEFINITIVAMENTE alla squadra che avesse vinto 3 titoli mondiali, cosa che accadde al Brasile nel 1970 a Città del Messico. Quella riportata nel video opera della scultore italiano Silvio Gazzaniga che divenne il trofeo ufficiale della manifestazione ai mondiali del 1974 in Germania.

    Francesco ZizolaFrancesco Zizola4 dager siden
  • No one huggs Zlatan because he is so arrogant

    sarvinder singhsarvinder singh4 dager siden
  • Only recent comment here

    The LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALiThe LegENdS of BaiHAtA chAriALi4 dager siden
  • Now Messi have an International Trophy

    Vampire NOD GamingVampire NOD Gaming4 dager siden
    • @ISSOU LA CHANCLA Ballondor > Dubai do'r

      AlanAlan3 dager siden
    • Euro > Copa America

  • this is like the european version of the kpop trainee process

  • Neymar seems out of place there between the 2 goat's

    Nasrul AbbaNasrul Abba4 dager siden
  • Vean lo que esta haciendo con la Universidad Catolica de Chile. un desastreee totaaal!

    thekkck21 lfthekkck21 lf4 dager siden
  • miedema is that student who never study but is always the highest in exams

    cp23cp234 dager siden
  • Why did they count like 10 city fans as 1 person

    Spencer gSpencer g4 dager siden
  • This is probably one of the best comment section ever.

    Nausadul RifatNausadul Rifat4 dager siden
  • Bilingual people's problems be like:

    Titus Russell KingsleyTitus Russell Kingsley4 dager siden
  • When Zlatan goes to another country, the country needs to get a passport to welcome him in.

    rangerranger4 dager siden
  • Ehen Zlatan comes to vist you in your home you are the visitor

    Mohammed AhmedMohammed Ahmed4 dager siden
  • 1:00 is that Saka?

    Luke WlsnLuke Wlsn4 dager siden
  • We hate LGBT

    Abir HasnatAbir Hasnat4 dager siden
  • Some American dudes come to my country Vietnam and treat our people as underdogs for not speaking English. I even saw a man buying stuff in a convenience store and yelling at the staff for not speaking "proper English" and calling that person idiot, stupid. Shame on him! I defensed the staff and he walked away. But still yelling. Duhh

    Doan JennyDoan Jenny4 dager siden
  • The Ordinary One

    Devotee of George SmileyDevotee of George Smiley4 dager siden
  • Zlatan 😱❤🔥

    Zlatan ibrahimovicZlatan ibrahimovic5 dager siden
  • when his premium subscription for voice language script is about to expire.

    Player UnknownPlayer Unknown5 dager siden
  • It's the other way round. Micheal Jordan is basketball Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Messi are much more competitive than Micheal Jordan.

    Israel Roy PilliIsrael Roy Pilli5 dager siden
  • Imagine if the defender actually cleared that, would be one of the greatest saves of all-time

    ACEACE5 dager siden
  • OMG what a racist!

    deHavillanddeHavilland5 dager siden
  • In 2021 Lol 😂 Anthony Martial is gay , not Henry

    Aloyce JuniorAloyce Junior5 dager siden
  • Martial 😭🤣

    Muhammad SamyMuhammad Samy5 dager siden
  • When Zlatan first made out, virginity lost Zlatan

    Dikshyant YadavDikshyant Yadav5 dager siden