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One sport, One destination, One obsession.



  • whats refere names?

    Mr.10Mr.10Time siden
  • Pes wayyyy better the FIFA on moblie

  • go shidou

    Olle SpenglerOlle Spengler2 timer siden
  • Forever one of the biggest transfer drama ever absolute shocked me I didn’t really believe he would had left

    Never AroundNever Around2 timer siden
  • A lot of people are making this out to be more than it is; spewing hateful comments against the English and even the Germans. The fact is, although a lot of Germans understand English, there are obviously those that don't. Why would Klopp work twice as hard to be his own German to English translator throughout the interview when he has one capable of doing it for him? It's just easier for him to just speak German while in Germany.

    B WB W3 timer siden
  • Ok unsubscribed

    Daniel HolderDaniel Holder3 timer siden
  • shidou anyone?

    Korey's AMVKorey's AMV3 timer siden
  • Ah, a vein German thinking their culture is superior, when has THAT ever gone wrong.

    NN3 timer siden
  • IF Konami bring back the master league of PES 13 and with better my club like they said we want to do in PES 22.

    L FL F3 timer siden
  • im here after shidou's goal in the chapter 130 from blue lock.

    SusPyroSusPyro4 timer siden
    • yessir same

      Korey's AMVKorey's AMV3 timer siden
  • Frostbite vs unreal engine 5 I think there is nothing to talk about

    Andrey SimanovichAndrey Simanovich6 timer siden
  • Pes is better but FIFA is played lot more only because they have most of the licenses

    Ayan ZubairAyan Zubair6 timer siden
  • American: You speak American here cause we to dumb and lazy to learn any language cause we get our from the brit.

    ALL DAYALL DAY7 timer siden
  • he is so angry... as an interpreter I understand him... just people who dont understand how our world works...

    AmebaAmeba7 timer siden
  • eeeehhhmmm... end. there was nothing more.

    Rob HankRob Hank7 timer siden
  • PES mobile killed fifa

    Star ChildrenStar Children7 timer siden
  • Shidou type beat

    The Mr XaviThe Mr Xavi8 timer siden
  • PES 6 all the time ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    TazOMFSTazOMFS8 timer siden
  • Shidou from blue lock anyone?

    massive shlong dongmassive shlong dong8 timer siden
    • ayyye!!! yeah I was reading a comment about it and came to check it out. this is amazing for the goal and the author who wanted to recreate it

      DaPenguinNinjaDaPenguinNinja8 timer siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/iLGtdpJ6eqCknaU

    football GPSfootball GPS8 timer siden
  • 💀💀💀

    AzzuramaAzzurama9 timer siden
  • Pelé is the greatest

    David TDavid T9 timer siden
  • Jay jay was his mentor back in his PSG days. I mean he's skillful enough, but the passion for football, its gotta be jay jay okocha

    Abdul Rahman Al-HusinAbdul Rahman Al-Husin9 timer siden
  • Ngl,start play FIFA (hating pes for no reason)ended with PES.never go back.👍

    arikidkwtfarikidkwtf9 timer siden
  • Lmao it’s like Messi is the older brother with his friend Ronaldo and Neymar is messi’s brother that wanted to go

    GorillaTANKGorillaTANK10 timer siden
  • FIFA is a bunch of colored INFLATABLE TUBE MEN running around whilst PES is a crisp footballing experience/simulation - anyone who is too lazy or cheap to download or buy the PESUNIVERSE patch is just looking for an excuse to upsell FIFA & its piss poor gameplay + Pro Clubs features!

    Drew SibzDrew Sibz10 timer siden
  • Yo I’m here after reading Blue Lock chapter 130 this is 1 to 1 the same goal

    Lichie BitchieLichie Bitchie10 timer siden
  • Time to gane pes and football manager fifa is f... Off

    Norbert KowalskiNorbert Kowalski10 timer siden
  • yo harry starting the video..thats my G w2s

    Bibhushan RajthalaBibhushan Rajthala10 timer siden
  • but i think pes mobile killed fifa totally

    Sharma ji Ka ladkaSharma ji Ka ladka11 timer siden
    • @Teni Das true

      Sharma ji Ka ladkaSharma ji Ka ladka8 timer siden
    • that's on mobile. Pes mobile is better but let's be honest dls is actually goated

      Teni DasTeni Das8 timer siden
  • I love this . Miz still in kayfabe outside of WWE . From what I can see in the comments , its working .

    John SmithJohn Smith11 timer siden
  • MeSdi like Maradona and pelle , is great cause his presence in the pitch is influential. He is the mind of his team. Messi won world cup bellow 20.. Rinaldo or penaldo won champions league thanks to his coach and his team. He is not phenomenal . And not top, speaking of beauty. I do not like his appearance. He is followed by 40 million fake account on Instagram. (Faked in India and Pakistan) most girls do not like him. He is just lucky van der sar saved man utd when penaldo missed scoring , so they won and Rinaldo became star , cause his team won chpions league

    Mroane OitacheMroane Oitache11 timer siden
  • Truely if pes is good enough to compete with FIFA then fifa players will have another genuine option to switch it with. And all those fifa's money grabbing tricks will reduce automatically.

  • the Licenses put Fifa ahead. like it always is, MOney Wins in the End

    Johnny LangenJohnny Langen11 timer siden
    • @Le Dardeur's Palace i know i always did aswell. i am still playing Pes too. But the Licenses are needed for a good ONline Mode and thats what put Fifa ahead in Market share. sadly

      Johnny LangenJohnny Langen9 timer siden
    • You can patch them in on playstation and pc. Even before I could, I made all the team kits myself.

      Le Dardeur's PalaceLe Dardeur's Palace9 timer siden
  • Both fifa and pes are awesome who loves soccer!pes has the most beautiful game on the pitch...fifa has the story mode the way you achieve trophies...if we mix them in another soccer game (which nowdays doesn't exist)we would have best game ever...anyway looking forward for next engine generation in pes 22 and fifa22....

    Diti DitiDiti Diti11 timer siden
  • Pes conquered mobile games

    Faizal ArmiaFaizal Armia11 timer siden
  • PES is gameplay While FIFA is everything but, gameplay

    cuLirefcuLiref11 timer siden
  • Pes 5 & 6 were the best pes games

    KayosKeeKayosKee11 timer siden
  • Pes 22 will bring fifa players to pes

    Arnesh GamesArnesh Games11 timer siden
  • Pes 2014 sure,but older Pes?!I don't think fifa game better than Pes 6 at the time

    sketchyangsketchyang11 timer siden
  • I think Fifa 11 ultimate team has shift the PES fans to Fifa fans

    Mohamed IbrahimMohamed Ibrahim12 timer siden
  • Pes 3 4 the best football games ever

    panagiotispanagiotis12 timer siden
  • FIFA is better the pes

    Jadarious MccallisterJadarious Mccallister12 timer siden
    • @cristyoutube 21 i agree

      panagiotispanagiotis10 timer siden
    • @panagiotis not even now

      cristyoutube 21cristyoutube 2111 timer siden
    • Nowdays it may be but 15 20 years back PES was 100 times better

      panagiotispanagiotis11 timer siden
    • scouser

      cristyoutube 21cristyoutube 2112 timer siden
  • Next should be: How EA's FIFA killed EA's FIFA.

    Renato Digay Jr.Renato Digay Jr.12 timer siden
  • Ted Lasso!

    Akash DeshpandeAkash Deshpande12 timer siden
  • Fifa is an iPhone while pes is an android 😂😂

    vika ndakamavika ndakama12 timer siden
    • Exactly. While fifa has more content every year and new sbcs, objectives, promos, etc, you still feel like it's the same thing. It's more fun to play but only because of the new things they release, or rather reskin and overhype, rather than gameplay, which pes has

      Teni DasTeni Das8 timer siden
  • Fifa 97 u can shoot goal from distance

    ViNsMoKes SaNJiViNsMoKes SaNJi12 timer siden
  • Winning eleven is legend🤣🤣

    ViNsMoKes SaNJiViNsMoKes SaNJi12 timer siden
    • What sir ????

      Mohamed IbrahimMohamed Ibrahim11 timer siden
  • EA just has the licenses, PES has the better gameplay.

    BlueTigerBlueTiger12 timer siden
  • Which football game is the most influential of all time?

    GoalGoal12 timer siden
    • PES & OG Championship/Football Manager on PC!

      Drew SibzDrew Sibz10 timer siden
    • Football manager and pes

      Norbert KowalskiNorbert Kowalski10 timer siden
    • Fifa

      Jesse TeetreeJesse Teetree11 timer siden
    • I think Fifa 15 got most ppl into Fifa more than Pes

      Mohamed IbrahimMohamed Ibrahim12 timer siden
    • PES

      Billa DuhanBilla Duhan12 timer siden
  • Bro you dumb or something? Pes is always better than fifa and I’m not a pes fan

    Jeremiah HunterJeremiah Hunter12 timer siden
  • Fifa - arcadey, you play with your friends or when you tryna have fun Pes - realism, playing alone and want to experience simulation

    Raw VicRaw Vic12 timer siden
    • @Teni Das you are right bro, pes was the most enjoyable football game back in the day undoubtedly

      panagiotispanagiotis8 timer siden
    • @panagiotis i remember back when these qualities were swapped around. Pes was more arcady and fun, whereas fifa was more realistic. That all changed from about fifa 12,13, 14 and pes' fox engine made it way more realistic

      Teni DasTeni Das8 timer siden
    • No i disagree i have many memories playing with my friends pes after school, we did tournaments... Memories

      panagiotispanagiotis12 timer siden
  • pes gameplay better

    Anik DeyAnik Dey12 timer siden
  • Madlad shidou

    Syrupuus ABCSyrupuus ABC13 timer siden
    • Shidou and his impromptu sex ed

      pixel woodpixel wood10 timer siden
  • nice goal shidou

    kunal setiakunal setia14 timer siden
  • Blue Lock got me here

    RenRen14 timer siden
  • Desde então, ela não chegou mais em finais Eu: Este comentário não envelheceu bem

    Marcos EndoMarcos Endo14 timer siden
  • I came here because of blue lock

    Enchong BerbanoEnchong Berbano14 timer siden
    • Same

      Meghdeep RoyMeghdeep Roy13 timer siden
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Azra JabeenAzra Jabeen14 timer siden
  • Temos um novo herói que podemos confiar, o Neymar Eu: KSKSKSKSKKSKSKKSKSKKKSKSKKSKSSKKSKSKSKKS

    Marcos EndoMarcos Endo14 timer siden
  • Who's here from the blue lock chapter

    Ham MHam M15 timer siden
  • Blue Lock Shidou Ryusei: To Me A Goal Is "Fertilization"! To All You Shits In The World... Who Don't Know Me Yet... Take My Goal... Take My Genes... Right In The Womb!!

    toushiro shintarotoushiro shintaro15 timer siden
  • baller

    LbfnLbfn16 timer siden
  • I came from blue lock chapter 130 :3 But what a weird fetish though lmao

    Arvie Kiel PinedaArvie Kiel Pineda17 timer siden
  • i came here after blue lock ch 130 damn its the same lol

    Siddanth NaineniSiddanth Naineni18 timer siden
  • 2nd guy is high as a kite

    Sick BeatsSick Beats18 timer siden
  • I hope to be in this problem

    Ramzyy MuhhmadRamzyy Muhhmad20 timer siden
  • It shouldn't have been a free kick as a clear dive BUT once the ref has given it it can be taken as quickly as they like (unless the ref says otherwise) so the goalkeeper IS at fault here, as are the rest of the defence.

    Paul RispinPaul Rispin23 timer siden
  • 1:02 His laugh, and that smile, it's EVERYTHING!

    William EspositoWilliam EspositoDag siden
  • Bravo Jürgen.

    Jot SinghJot SinghDag siden
  • Lol

  • To all English instructors in Germany: CHECK MATE

    dunstable_ramsaydunstable_ramsayDag siden
  • Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

    Randy LawsonRandy LawsonDag siden
  • Newmar like..he want left of messi's and Ronaldo's right so make your legs horn then or tail that would be perfect

    LiveALiveADag siden
  • Should have asked the same in Arabic lmao

    GhostSoldierfulGhostSoldierfulDag siden
  • Suarez , Harry Kane , Zlatan and Lewandowski these are way better goalscorers than penaldo

    Buğra ŞahinBuğra ŞahinDag siden
  • What basiclly happened in 2010 decade Spain wins world cup 2010 and Euro 2012 Aguerooooooo and man city wins Premieum league Sir alex Retiers Luis dracula bites Chellini 7-1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) RIP icons Leisecter city wins Premieum league Messi 6 ballon d'or and ronaldo 5 ballon d'or Portugal wins Euro 2016 Zidane treble of UCL WHY ALWAYS ME?

    aaDag siden
  • “AHAHAHAHAHAHA” - Jürgen Klopp

    oto odioto odiDag siden
  • He will become one the best player ever I believe in him!

    Maribo A.KMaribo A.KDag siden