Argentina mourns and pays tribute to "The Eternal" Diego Maradona

Scenes from Buenos Aires where the stadiums light up to honor Diego Maradona who died a few hours earlier. At Argentinos Juniors and in the Bombonera, thousands gather to sing for him.
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  • Una parte del fútbol se fue con Maradona...para mi ya no es lo mismo el fútbol...el quería irse de este mundo al lado de una fue dirigiendo a Gimnasia de la Plata..el vivió y respiro fútbol...fue el futbolista mas Importante de la Historia..el mas grande; garra, corazon, rebeldia, bueno, malo, guerrero, héroe...sos y seras por siempre el mayor exponente del fútbol Mundial...Te Amo Diego..ojala q hayas encontrado en el Cielo la Paz que nunca tuviste en la Tierra..

    Nelson Alejandro MarzolaNelson Alejandro MarzolaMåned siden
  • ✨✨10♥️♥️♥️🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    John HenryJohn HenryMåned siden
  • The magician of all the Magicians

    Parikshit KadariyaParikshit KadariyaMåned siden
  • Diego 💙 Napoli ti amerà ❤ sempre ! Il nostro 👑 !!!

    SimoNeapolis 081SimoNeapolis 0812 måneder siden
  • For anyone wondering the name of the background violin music, Its Amazing grace.

    Lalit ThapaLalit Thapa2 måneder siden
  • That's the most beautiful with football , we hate our rivals but when one of the greats pass away , We Unite no matter what ! Not only Argentina is crying , The whole World is Rest in Peace Diego and muchas gracias por todo

    Mario NelsonMario Nelson3 måneder siden
  • 2:01 really the song says. Who don't jump up him is an english ( spanish: el que no salta es un inglés)

    Ulises BoissonetUlises Boissonet3 måneder siden
  • 🙏

    Dhananjaya rao Dhananjaya raoDhananjaya rao Dhananjaya rao3 måneder siden
  • The biggest hero in sport history. A legend far beyond football. Diego was Don Quijote fighting the windmills. David beating Goliath. Aquiles leading a city, a country to the victory against those powerful ones.

    Pablo PPablo P3 måneder siden
  • ابد والله ماننساک یا بطل دیگوارماندو مارادونا-----ایاد مراد من العراق

    Aeadal FaelyAeadal Faely3 måneder siden

    Rox RoxRox Rox3 måneder siden
  • "Este va a ser un crack" is must be translated "is going to be a genius" NO an "adicted". Please....

    Roberto FiadoneRoberto Fiadone4 måneder siden
  • Rest in peace genius ❤️

    Maureen McCarthyMaureen McCarthy4 måneder siden
  • it doesn't matter what you did with your life DIEGO, what matters is what you did with ours !! ETERNO D10S

    Clarkk kentClarkk kent5 måneder siden
  • Maradona a name perhaps known by every living being on this planet.

    Arjun SharmaArjun Sharma5 måneder siden
  • RIP Maradona! For you had made the earth become heaven for so many football fans while you were here, the heaven's gate is definitely open for you with all the angels awaiting. Simply say, you deserve it!

    diamond Trandiamond Tran5 måneder siden
  • That’s why English didn’t won the FIFA World Cup all these years . Still English is struggling to win the Qualifying n Group Stages matches in World Cup or any big stage matches , Sorry to say that , Sorry English !

    vjimmy12vjimmy125 måneder siden
  • The world look you Diego.. From the East Far,in Indonesia,,we love you Maradona ❤️❤️😭😭

    M4kmur 0606M4kmur 06065 måneder siden
  • Beautiful tribute thank you footballer ever

    Mark OconnorMark Oconnor5 måneder siden
  • Rest in Peace Legend, You will always live in our heart.

    Clara VelaClara Vela5 måneder siden
  • Guys I am free to do translations and subtitles.

    hernanhernan5 måneder siden
  • Hasta siempre Diego. 🇦🇷🏆❤️⚽🔟

    Armando CastellanosArmando Castellanos5 måneder siden
  • One cannot imagine Diego playing today with the new fifa protection rules! WOW! He'll be unplayable! But then he'll not be the legend we know of........ and that is why Diego Maradona is the greatest player in the world EVER! What a legend! R.I.P

    gl lgl l5 måneder siden
  • The greatest footballer ever lived.. we love you Diego

    Abhay KumarAbhay Kumar5 måneder siden
  • Isee kehte dilo ka Raja

    Amit DwivediAmit Dwivedi5 måneder siden
  • Adios, amigo 👋 ❤️ ⚽️

    Phil MitchellPhil Mitchell5 måneder siden
  • The world loves you Diego.Thank you for inspiring us to be footballers.Forever eternal my friend!

    Mr MUNYANGMr MUNYANG5 måneder siden
  • HE WAS, HE HIS, HE WILL STILL ....THE ONLY ONE GREATEST OF ALL TIME Diego Armando Maradona , thank you, thank you , thank you some much i will miss you

    bou belbou bel5 måneder siden
  • traduccion de mierda

    The GrabisoftThe Grabisoft5 måneder siden
  • Hey Diego, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Inspiration Joys and Thrills watching you played. To me, you are the Greatest Footballer of All times. Shawney. From spore. I wanna start a chain tribute for Diego. So here it goes.... BECAUSE OF YOU, DIEGO,... I played football with my left foot. Rest in peace my idol. May God place your soul in heaven for the happiness you had given to millions of us. Forever Remembered, DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA.

    Shawney EyShawney Ey5 måneder siden
  • RIP legend

    Yuswanto EdwardYuswanto Edward5 måneder siden
  • Thank you Diego, for your magic and courage! RIP.

    Iwantmy UtubeIwantmy Utube5 måneder siden
  • Rest in peace Diego the greatest ever .from the people's Socialist Republic of Liverpool YNWA ⚽️🇦🇷

    roadend78roadend785 måneder siden

    Pedro Alexandre Said Do SantosPedro Alexandre Said Do Santos5 måneder siden
  • Argentinans, I am weeping with you, I am shedding tears with you, I am joining in your thanking Diego Maradona what he gave to the people of the whole world. Diego Maradona lives for ever!

    Jane_Jane_5 måneder siden
  • "crack" means that it will be very good, something like "a master". It has no link with drugs

    at udzat udz5 måneder siden
  • Respect from South Africa. We cry with you Argentina. Diego amongst the greats of all time.

    Leslie PillayLeslie Pillay5 måneder siden
  • Respect from Georgia, everybody will remember you .

    david geodavid geo5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • 永远爱你,迭戈!感谢你为足球做出的巨大贡献!这里是来自中国重庆的祝福。I love diego forever!thanks for you eveything in football! best blessing from chongqing china.

    zhi ranzhi ran5 måneder siden
  • RIP DON DIEGO When he died on 25th November, my father watched all his matches two. He started watching from 5:00pm to next day 7:00am. Salute Diego Armando Maradona🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 "Those who don't support him must be English"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I liked it.

    Om PatelOm Patel5 måneder siden
  • Diego, you were the best and will always remain the best for billions of fans. I hope you can rest now. Be up there and rest with God. It would be nice to see you back on Earth though. Watch you reincarnate. Remember your past and not to re-do the same errors(out of the field). Because of you mainly I become a fan of soccer. I grew up in Montreal in a Portuguese, Hispanic and Québécois neighborhood. I started playing soccer in school during recess with mostly Portuguese and Latinos. Then came 1986. My first World Cup that I followed and remembered was Mexico '86. And wow!!! You were the wizard on the field. A magician. A player out of this world. I cried when Argentina lost the final in Italy '90. That call from the referee, I think, was questionable. To lose that way hurts a lot. Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona.

    bruce bannerbruce banner5 måneder siden
  • The rivarly btn argentina nd england tho😅

    kareem Mlyonkareem Mlyon5 måneder siden
  • 😭😭😭😭😭 childhood memories legendary Argentine national team captain no10

    amur tigeramur tiger5 måneder siden
  • English like him too Genius

  • I know Kobe is talking to Maradona is Spanish right now ❤️🙏🏼🤟🏼

    Eric ManciaEric Mancia5 måneder siden
  • From Germany, Rest in Peace great Maradona.

    John1917John19175 måneder siden
  • Rest in peace Diego!!! Respect forever!!!

    Herbert MischeHerbert Mische5 måneder siden
  • All people, who were interested in football in the 80s and early 90s know and will never forget who Diego Armando Maradona was. For me he was and will stay the best in football, biggest legend. Thanks to Maradona I am fan of Argentinian football and Argentina since 1986. Tribute from Poland.

    KowalskyLeonKowalskyLeon5 måneder siden
  • Soy ingles manchester diego es numero uno siempre,,corozon diegofamilja y argentina, gracias💔💔😢😢

    jason pjason p5 måneder siden
  • Ruhe in Frieden rip Maradona

    Magnus StroetMagnus Stroet5 måneder siden
  • Goat of all the Goats.

    MalikMalik5 måneder siden
  • El mejor de todos los tiempos!!

    Hector MatillaHector Matilla5 måneder siden
  • All time Legend Maradona

    Dhananjaya rao Dhananjaya raoDhananjaya rao Dhananjaya rao5 måneder siden
  • Minha simples homenagem a MARADONA. Se ele tivesse nascido Grego estaria no hall do panteao dos deuses imortais. Se fosse um genio da literatura, seria um inigualavel Dostoievsk ou um Tolstoi. Se tivesse nascido um musico classico, seria Wolfgang amadeu Mozart. Se fosse um genio da pintura, seria um Picasso ou Vincent Van Gogh. Se fosse um conquistador seria um Alexandre o grande. Se tivesse nascido um revolucionario politico, seria um Che guevara. Se fosse um eximio poeta seria um Pablo Neruda ou Rudyard Kliping. Se fosse um ator Hollywoodiano, seria um Marlon Brando. Mas quis Deus que ele fosse um genio da arte da bola. Nos tempos dos grandes genios do futebol ele foi impar, unico, inigualavel, o maestro de todos. A despeito de todas as limitacoes pessoais, sobrepujou-as, na realidade se agigantou sobre elas. O menina pobre nascera Rico de talento, habilidades, magia e maestria unica que jamais sera equiparada. Somando-se a isso, nascera com a garra, a forca e o carisma de encantar multidoes. Sozinho, conduziu um clube pobre do sul da Italia 'a elite do futebol mundial na sua epoca, por isso, justamente homenageado pela cidade de Napolis. 'A epoca dos grandes deuses do futebol, o requisito a mais, seria ganhar o titulo mundial da selecao de seu Pais, e Ele, nao deixou por menos, os ingleses que o digam. O principal responsavel por decidir e conduzir a vitoria contra os arrogantes Ingleses, foi unica e exclusividade dele. So os genios fazem isso. Alem disso, foi um retrato fiel de seu adorado povo argentino: sangue Latino, vibrante, guerreiro, aguerrido e desbravador. Um combatente I patriota. Jamais esqueceu suas origens e seu povo. Era autentico em tudo, apaixonado, decidido e valente. Seu legado sera eternizado por geracoes, seu nome sera sempre conectado a genialidade dos deuses do futebol, sua grandeza extrapolou alem do esporte Porque e' e sera sempre o Argentino Dom Diego Armando Maradona!!

    josenaldo silvajosenaldo silva5 måneder siden
  • As I have always said he is, was and will be always the greatest.

    Fad DasFad Das5 måneder siden
  • That's the legend called Maradona

    Joydeep KarJoydeep Kar5 måneder siden
  • That made me cry like a baby

    El FenomenoEl Fenomeno5 måneder siden
  • i will make sure my children knows and making sure them to let grandchildren know about the prodigy, Diego Armando Maradona, one of the best to play the game of football

    Min Chu TongMin Chu Tong5 måneder siden
  • Legends lives forever!

    Paulo FerreiraPaulo Ferreira5 måneder siden
  • Descansa en la paz

    Mike CurrieMike Currie5 måneder siden
  • 1986 WC

    steven Kaisteven Kai5 måneder siden
  • Maradona is the synonym of football.. I'm Indonesian, I was a very small kid when he won the world cup..i remembered perfectly waking up after midnight just to joined all of the man in my family watching it.. being a die-hard fan of Argentina football ever since.. no one.. literally no one! compares to you in the field of football.. thank you Diego..or in my language.. Terimakasih Diego

    Fahrul CaptStingeRFahrul CaptStingeR5 måneder siden
    • same here just indonesian kid watched him won 1986 still a fan still suporting argentina RIP Diego

      Yuswanto EdwardYuswanto Edward5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • gracias

    daisy van Ndaisy van N5 måneder siden
  • how much a lost brings hurt and joy

    daisy van Ndaisy van N5 måneder siden
  • do jou think english not like maradona? we al have a way, intention for the world gratest

    daisy van Ndaisy van N5 måneder siden
  • hu oei

    daisy van Ndaisy van N5 måneder siden
  • sorry

    daisy van Ndaisy van N5 måneder siden
  • In Pakistan we don't even have any official football playing teams and yet everybody knows and mourns Maradona the Greatest

    Haris AsifHaris Asif5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • Such passionate people. Maradona will live on. 🙂✨⚽🏟️🥅

    schalazeal07schalazeal075 måneder siden
  • RIP DIEGO. will always be remembered as the GREATEST footballer of all time and by far. Your legacy will stay forever 💙 .

    D10S RelishD10S Relish5 måneder siden
  • D10S

    alfredo garofanoalfredo garofano5 måneder siden
  • الله يرحم ما رادونا صنع احلام جميلة وذكريات خالدة في اذهاننا نحن العرب نحبه كثيرا ونحترم الارجنتينيون ابطال الكرة القدم احبكم من المغرب

    SafaeSafae5 måneder siden
  • Goal you translated this like SHIT, in Argentina, when someone is going to be a "crack" it's because it's going to be great in something (in this case, football), not an addicted, stupid.

    soydelRojosoydelRojo5 måneder siden
  • Boca Juniors and River Plate are together as 1 for Maradona

    Crypto buzzCrypto buzz5 måneder siden
  • So much crap the man played well in the 80s how long ago! He wasn't the greatest and he was weak minded and a wreck am tired of people talking crap when someone dies in 1986 there were loads of better players in the world cup he scored twice against England 1st goal he cheated 2nd goal the defender knocked the goal in not Maradona The covid virus is killing millions of people and what do people do they all get together to celebrate one man's life....thick as fuck

    jediknight1209jediknight12095 måneder siden
  • Respect from Chennai India...RIP Always true Legend Maradona ❤️❤️❤️💐🌺🌼🌸🌷⚽🎶

    Subramanian MurugananthamSubramanian Muruganantham5 måneder siden
  • RIP the greatest son of Argentina.

    anshuman sahuanshuman sahu5 måneder siden
  • I love you Diego, whenever you are looking from sky, all those people came to cheer for you - emotional 💔😭

    anastrixxanastrixx5 måneder siden
  • A country celebrating a life who made the country famous

    Debolina SarkarDebolina Sarkar5 måneder siden
  • Argentina had 2 was Evita and other...MARADONA.....this world will never forget them.... luv Frm India

    tinesh Shahanitinesh Shahani5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • R.I.P Diego Armando Maradona rrespect for one of the best players ever was respect from a feyenoord rotterdam fan

    Michel DonderwinkelMichel Donderwinkel5 måneder siden
  • the legend food ball maradona bukan hanya anak ,istri yg meneteskan air mata untuk melepas kepergian maradona ke pangkuan Tuhan Jesus . serta rakyat Brasil serta dunia sepak bola juga meneteskan air mata atas kepergian maradona untuk selama"nya...

    Vincentius Sonny RicardoVincentius Sonny Ricardo5 måneder siden
  • It's a very sad day for all... You'll be missed Diego

    TheWozComTheWozCom5 måneder siden
  • Miss u all time Samiullah Samtia South Punjab Pakistan

    Sami UllahSami Ullah5 måneder siden
  • ¡Hungría está llorando! Argentina, estamos contigo, cálmate Diego! 😭😭😭😢😥

    TheScouserChuckyTheScouserChucky5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • Got tears filled in my eyes. RIP, everybody will remember you!

    Nick YangNick Yang5 måneder siden
  • I am from India and I my childhood was watching Maradona play. He is a living legend. I am with the people of Argentina and I feel the pain 🙏

    Anks BarAnks Bar5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden

    sherp2u1sherp2u15 måneder siden
  • I lost my father last year and he was one the biggest fan of Maradona and Argentina. I miss him and now I see how I feel sad seeing this greatest ever leaving us. It's a sad day for all of football lovers like us. Forever eternal Diego Maradona.

    Sapna RaiSapna Rai5 måneder siden
  • 4:51 is that lautaro martinezz??

    Sarang SajithSarang Sajith5 måneder siden
  • “Va a ser un crack” does NOT mean “you will get addicted”. That is not what “crack” means in Argentina. A “crack” is someone is who insanely good at something. Messed up in the subtitles there lol.

    ChefOneTapChefOneTap5 måneder siden

    Pjetro GjeloshajPjetro Gjeloshaj5 måneder siden

    Bijan AmiriBijan Amiri5 måneder siden
  • Excelent Video! Diego is international!!

    TheKadixTheKadix5 måneder siden
  • Ashes to ashes...dust to dust. Never to be forgotten. Always in our hearts...Don Diego!

    jhdgjhdg5 måneder siden

      Carlos TiviroliCarlos Tiviroli5 måneder siden
  • "you are going to be addicted" badly translated, "crack" in Argentina means "genius / gifted", ""you are going to be genius / gifted""

    TheKadixTheKadix5 måneder siden
  • maradona is our love.. & respect you no 10..because we're put you in our heart u live our heart's forever...

    Iqramulhassan EqramulIqramulhassan Eqramul5 måneder siden
    • .

      Iqramulhassan EqramulIqramulhassan Eqramul5 måneder siden
  • Amazing how much Maradona inspired and touched the hearts of millions.

    Matthew McGeadyMatthew McGeady5 måneder siden
  • You know you've the highest when you're own country calls you as its favorite son.

    Dan Onil GalangDan Onil Galang5 måneder siden
  • rip diego

    survivor turnoversurvivor turnover5 måneder siden