Ashley Cole: My Perfect Player

Ahead of the London derby, ex-Arsenal and Chelsea full-back Ashley Cole builds his all-time perfect player - best left foot, right foot…but who made the cut?
Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Andres Iniesta, Arjen Robben, Michael Essien, Ludovic Giuly, Cafu and John Terry are all on his list, but for which trait?
Cole reveals his choices to Goal’s Chelsea correspondent Nizaar Kinsella but do you agree with his picks?
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  • I really loved him when he was at Arsenal. Was hoping him to be the next Mr Arsenal after Tony Adams. I was gutted when he left. Never liked him at Chelsea. But all is good. He seems to be a nice bloke.

    Ilias VictorIlias Victor4 måneder siden

    ProlifociProlifoci4 måneder siden
  • roobeen was something else with his left foot. i agree with that,.. messi just magician nothing more

    Nico FebriantsyahNico Febriantsyah4 måneder siden
  • Cafu is world class

    Mohamed Husen SamatarMohamed Husen Samatar4 måneder siden
  • I haven't heard any player who has not referred Ronaldinho as the Magician. He is the only player who has been at the top, be it playing in a football pitch, futsal or freestyling. The only footballer with a smile regardless of what the outcome is at the final whistle.

    RR4 måneder siden
    • Ronaldinho bid the definition of football magic, my favorite player ever simply magical, makes you wanna dance with the ball.

      alex Maximilianalex Maximilian4 måneder siden
  • At 2:03 I swear he thought definitely messi

    Siddhant ChiringSiddhant Chiring4 måneder siden
    • Robben and Cole played together

      AkashAkash4 måneder siden
    • @Sofwan Napri Probably cuz he hardly played against Messi. And it's his personal opinion

      Shashwat RoyShashwat Roy4 måneder siden
    • Yea.. i think he kinda surprise when cole pick robben

      Sofwan NapriSofwan Napri4 måneder siden
  • Unbiased opinion from one of the greatest left back in the football world

    Sofwan NapriSofwan Napri4 måneder siden
  • Really underrated left back

    Sofwan NapriSofwan Napri4 måneder siden
  • Cole, Cristiano Ronaldo's most feared opponent.

    Luiz HenriqueLuiz Henrique4 måneder siden
  • Ashley Cole the best LB the Premier League has seen

    Suhail MayetSuhail Mayet4 måneder siden
    • @Ahmed Omar what a joke

      Geomory Bulet ClubGeomory Bulet Club4 måneder siden
    • @Ahmed Omar 😂😂😂

      joshd171294joshd1712944 måneder siden
    • @Ahmed Omar lol. I'm a Liverpool fan and it's not close. Andys great going forward but the most important part of being a defender is DEFENDING and in that area Cole was lightyears better

      joshd171294joshd1712944 måneder siden
    • @Ahmed Omar Shut up

      Shashwat RoyShashwat Roy4 måneder siden