Cafu vs Raquel Freestyle - Who can hit the target in FIFA Training?

The legendary for Brazil star and two-time world champion is back to face off against Raquel - who will prevail?
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  • Great But What If This Happened Few Years Back Approximately In 2002 He Would Have Scored All The Shots 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

    SURAJ RAJANSURAJ RAJAN15 dager siden
  • dear Raquel !!! this is Cafu “pendolino” 😉

    Tomek TereszczynTomek Tereszczyn3 måneder siden
  • Wow

    Ubay NeymarUbay Neymar4 måneder siden
  • I clicked for Cafu's smile

    foniko mixanimafoniko mixanima5 måneder siden
  • Guys i just made a football video mind if you check it and advice me on anything so i can improve?(I promise it is a good video just watch it till the end for the catch😂)

    Fonda LicealeFonda Liceale5 måneder siden
  • I forgot Cafu was there XD

    Talha MahmoodTalha Mahmood5 måneder siden
  • Cafu was the Captain who brought the World cup at 2002 ...........Respect!

    Emmanuel-Ben VlogsEmmanuel-Ben Vlogs5 måneder siden
  • He aint in Fifa wtf?

    Damon MonDamon Mon5 måneder siden