How the Super League fell apart

The Super League was here…
Then it wasn’t.
Fans protested, managers and players rejected the idea, and the proposition crumbled after just 48 hours.
Goal Correspondents Neil Jones, Nizaar Kinsella, Charles Watts, Charlotte Duncker, and Jonathan Smith tell the story of how the Super League fell apart before it even began.
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  • Of course it’s a woman doing united

    Pac axe 123Pac axe 12314 dager siden
  • Wake up call for uefa and fifa hopefully, they need to do better on certain issues *cough* corruption *cough*

    Eurofighter TyphoonEurofighter Typhoon19 dager siden
  • I didn't understand why big clubs withdraw from super league??

    Sabal AdhikariSabal Adhikari20 dager siden
  • European Super League should play once in 2 or 4 years like world cup or euro. I think UEFA will accept that.

    Jane WalkerJane Walker20 dager siden
  • European Super League, yes ✅ or no ❌?

    GoalGoal20 dager siden
  • Manchester United needs to elect a new board where the only concern of the club is football, not profits.

    Michael HumphreyMichael Humphrey20 dager siden
  • I immediately wanted all 6 teams to be relegated. This was legit going to happen if not for the public backlash. This isn't over, they'll attempt this again.. they're not sorry, they want money

    Lancine KeitaLancine Keita20 dager siden
  • I lost my job last year during the pandemic. I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌎🔥

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  • spurs, left the esl, sacked one of the best managers in the world and have protests about their owners and goal doesnt care

    Mlg Peppa pig is old as heckMlg Peppa pig is old as heck20 dager siden
  • The fans have completed the best comeback in the history of Football.

    baqibaqi20 dager siden
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  • Football is for the fans🙏🇰🇭

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  • It was dead anyways. 3 day wonder. Perez bottled a 12-0 lead in 3 days 😭 😂

    M.I.X Best trio everM.I.X Best trio ever20 dager siden
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