The Long Wait: Liverpool's pursuit of Premier League glory

It's been 30 years since Liverpool last won the league title, but finally Jurgen Klopp's side were set to end the long wait.
However, the coronavirus pandemic has raised questions over if the Reds will be crowned Premier League champions at all.
Goal spoke to Liverpool fans, former players and local legends of all ages to understand just how much winning the league would mean to the Anfield football club.
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  • Let's pray that this triumph is only the beginning of a new Liverpool dynasty, just like the glorious 70s and 80s ❤️✌️🏆

    Saiid AbdulbaqiSaiid Abdulbaqi6 måneder siden
  • The long wait and they will celebrate the tittle without fans, on Zoom. Hahahahahaha. Congratulations.

    Darko KiparizDarko Kipariz6 måneder siden
  • The most shitty fact of the PL's lockdown is the defeat of Man City on the midweek before the Merseyside derby

    julián cortésjulián cortés9 måneder siden
  • Liverpool have earned all my respect. (I'm a City fan)

    xxkillerxx 5xxkillerxx 59 måneder siden
  • Haha. This is worst than Man City banned from Europe if season is cancelled.

    szewei85szewei859 måneder siden
  • Man it sucks to be Liverpool fan. At least we won the champions league last year

    F MehF Meh9 måneder siden
  • Whether you’re a Liverpool fan or not you gotta feel for the players and manager. Coming so close last year and winning the league this year but still unable to get it

    F MehF Meh9 måneder siden
  • coronavirus 5 liverpool 0 match abandoned!!!

    dr evildr evil9 måneder siden
  • The League is still able to be Continue just Playing without supporters it is more relevant than to restart the league next year.. If the EpL Should be Cancel, well the UEFA should the Cancel the Champions League too and Restart it and Giving a refund to All clubs who Participated in the championship..

    Forever OnceForever Once9 måneder siden
  • The only real thing is to delete this season, and start again in august and then this season will be forgotten in 3 years. Instead of finding one solution or another that will only make someone suspicious of the solution. No thanks, delete this season, and if Liverpool are as good as they think they are, then they will win next season too ? Agree, or nott. "THUMB UP OR DOWN"

    Miðvágur FøroyarMiðvágur Føroyar9 måneder siden
    • Unlucky

      Kofi OsseiKofi Ossei5 måneder siden
    • This is an amazing Smal club mentality, i am sure if it was Arsenal or Manchester United that was leading instead of Liverpool, then I am 100% sure they would think that the only right thing to do, was to delete the season and start over again in August. Smal club menality, but it seems this comes with the nott winning a real title since 1990.

      Miðvágur FøroyarMiðvágur Føroyar9 måneder siden
    • If we must finish this season, then we will ruin the next season allso, so why nott just delite this season, and with that destroy 1 season, instead of destroying 2 seasons, or even more than 2 seasons. If you are as good as you say, you will just winn next season instead.

      Miðvágur FøroyarMiðvágur Føroyar9 måneder siden
    • You thick runt - why delete a season that is 76% complete for one that's not even started. Finish the season when it is SAFE to do and then address the 20/21 season. No team has ever been as dominant as this Liverpool team this season and they will win the Premier League with a new points record. Not only that but in winning the league they will hold the following trophies - Premier League, Champions League, Super Cup & World Club Champions. Suck the salt out of that one!!

      desertman1962desertman19629 måneder siden
    • Delete the must be fucking stupid, it will be finished behind closed doors if needed and liverpool WILL win the premier league!

      Craig DavidsonCraig Davidson9 måneder siden
  • Covid19

    L ZSL ZS9 måneder siden
  • #YNWA

  • More than worthy winners. Play sublime football. On the other hand it would be piss funny if they voided the season. So close. 😂. I reckon it will start up again in august/october.

    Jaime HewittJaime Hewitt9 måneder siden
  • This will all just be a bad memory in a month or so. The gold will be ours and it will be worth the long wait.

    ShpongleShpongle9 måneder siden
  • We will become CHAMP19NS!

    Arcot GArcot G9 måneder siden
  • It is very HEART-POUNDING man

    Zulkhairy ZaharilZulkhairy Zaharil9 måneder siden
  • If Liverpool didnt win the epl title what a waste. They are the super team or the best team this year.

    Kenny LeeKenny Lee9 måneder siden
    • Kenny Lee agreed.

      ShpongleShpongle9 måneder siden
  • There not winning it beacuse it we will be unfair for city beacuse they can still catch up it is possible but unlikely and Liverpool haven't got anough points to win

    Callum WolffCallum Wolff9 måneder siden
    • Hahahaha unlucky

      Kofi OsseiKofi Ossei5 måneder siden
    • You are a fucking idiot

      bribri9 måneder siden
    • We aren’t winning it because you said so. Great.

      ShpongleShpongle9 måneder siden
    • Yeah but least i know that it's still possible but it's like a 0.5% chance of that happening

      Callum WolffCallum Wolff9 måneder siden
    • That’s ridiculous and I’m not even a Liverpool fan. They were two wins away and they were champions doesn’t take Einstein to know that they will at least win 2 of their next 12 games

      Arabian ChronicleArabian Chronicle9 måneder siden
  • Subtitlee pleaseee

    HILMAN azmiHILMAN azmi9 måneder siden
  • NP. We are world champions for 2019. YNWA. This can wait awhile Stay safe everybody Be well :)

    hyyweshyywes9 måneder siden
  • Unfortunate.

    FarizzulFaroukFarizzulFarouk9 måneder siden
  • 🙏👏

    Abdinasir MohamedAbdinasir Mohamed9 måneder siden
  • Does this doc means lfc wil get the title this way or the other

    Anuj ShresthaAnuj Shrestha9 måneder siden
  • #19 justice for pool.. Ynwa..

    Vijay IyerVijay Iyer9 måneder siden
  • still not winning it dan should be void

    VapinGamerVapinGamer9 måneder siden
    • They already won it the trophy is irrelevant at this point

      bribri9 måneder siden
  • They ain’t winning it

    PWPW9 måneder siden
    • Hahahaha unlucky

      Kofi OsseiKofi Ossei5 måneder siden
    • Whether they get the trophy or not they’ve already won it, anyone denying that knows fuck all about football... I’m and arsenal fan

      bribri9 måneder siden
    • Just 6poits away... we already win it..

      Forever OnceForever Once9 måneder siden